Contax AX

The Contax AX is a very special camera. It was produced in the late 90ies. All the big camera brands had auto focus SLR cameras in their program. Contax, or better Kyocera, produced a beautiful and very expensive rangefinder like camera with auto focus,: the Contax G2, but no auto focus SLR. They had a beautiful manuel focus lens setup with perhaps the best lenses you could buy and they came up with a wonderful idea; create a camera on which these manual focus lenses can auto focus. So instead of moving all kind of lens clusters inside the lens move the focal plane. There were two problems. The camera became huge and the camera became very expensive. More expensive then the Nikon and Canon professional auto focus cameras. The system worked and works very good but Contax was to late and the Contax AX wasn't a succes.