The Bronica ETRS was a medium format camera. The camera was introduced in 1979. The negatives taken with this camera were 6x4,5 cm. The center or circulair shutter was placed in the lens as in a Hasselblad camera. 

Bronica ETRS(i)

In the autumn of 2017 I bought a Bronica ETRS with the 75 mm standard lens and a 40 mm wide-angle. I also bought two extra backs, very cheap well actually to cheap, because they both were broken. In my experience it is true that the Bronica don't stand up to the quality of the Hasselblad. Still the first back was ok so I took the camera out to shoot my first roll of film. The Bronica ETRS is a 4.5x6 camera. I bought the camera with a prism finder with light meter but I used my external light meter instead. The building quality is not the best, but the image quality is very good. Not better then Pentax or Hasselblad but just as good. Of course it's for 99% the lens and the film that define the image quality. It is a nice camera to work with. It is lighter than a Hasselblad and not as loud as an Pentax 645.

In most cases I have used the camera handheld. Still it is better to use a tripod. It's difficult to find the right composition because everything you see on the ground screen is mirrored so I always go to the wrong side. What's more the combination waist level finder and tripod is very convenient for composing. Of course this problem doesn't occur when you use the prism finder. So why shoot most images handheld. The answer is simply because I'm lazy and don't like to carry a heavy tripod on my hikes.